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Our programme was designed to cover the major issues and challenges related to building a company’s international marketing strategy, corporate communications with international stakeholders, corporate finance, project management and other relevant corporate functions (retailing, logistics, media management). All the courses offered are lectured in English which allows the participants to get a firm grip of specialized vocabulary and acquire communication skills necessary to perform successfully within international organizations. Course participants are taught by business experts and specialist academics who have practical background in commerce, services and non-profit sectors. Our training method is to encourage co-operative learning, working in international teams on international projects and case studies.


The teaching programme consists of 232 hours, which accounts for 26, 8-hour sessions within a year (13 sessions per semester). The programme is divided into four themes/ blocks, all of which are obligatory to all participants. Additional 24 hours are dedicated to individual tutoring, during which the participants have the opportunity to ask further questions and discuss the issues related to particular managerial problems. Tutoring blocks are planned after the completion of each individual subject. The courses take place on Saturdays between 9.00/ 10.00 – 16.00/ 17.00 (depending on the participant’s preferences)

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