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International Marketing Management is a unique postgraduate scholarly programme dedicated to individuals who wish to strengthen their management skills and bring their knowledge and market experience to up-to-date levels. Its objective is to familiarize the participants with the most recent knowledge in the area of marketing management in the international environment. It was designed to cover the major issues and challenges related to building a company’s international marketing strategy, corporate communications with international stakeholders, corporate finance, project management and other relevant corporate functions (retailing, logistics, media management). All the courses offered are lectured in English which allows the participants to get a firm grip of specialized vocabulary and acquire communication skills necessary to perform successfully within international organizations.


Our integrated degree programme is a blend of
* academic courses held by market professionals
* real-life marketing examples put in an academic context
* intellectual challenge and vocational training on international level

Chair of International Marketing and Retailing, 
University of £ódľ
University of £ódľ

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